African Literature

I literally knew nothing about African literature until like 1 year ago when I took a course called ‘Introduction to World Literature’ and the professor introduced some African authors to us.
I love that professor(my favorite) and he append to be very interested in African literature. When he opened up classes teaching ‘Introduction to African Literature’ and ’20th century dystopian fiction’, I was like OH MAN DYSTOPIAN FICTION!!!
Sadly, I failed to register for it so I chose African literature instead. The first lecture I attended was complicated—-figuring out what is African literature.

-literature written by African author?
-literature written in African continent?
-literature about Africa?

But the professor was fun so it was bearable. There are only 4 required course reading for this course so I decided to order all of them from Book Depository. Today I received two of them and here they are:


I will be doing a presentation in front of the whole lecture on The Return of the Water Spirit with my friends so I got to finish that soon. Things Fall Apart… I was disappointed. You see, I find this cover extremely creepy and it is not the version I ordered. I filed a complaint and hopefully, get a refund or replacement or some sort of …. you know.

Still, I am excited to get to take this new course and have fun lectures taught by my favorite professors. As this is such an interesting study, maybe I will keep updating on it. Even if it’s not poetry-related.

-Potential Poet in Training


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