Live Before You Die

There comes a time when one thinks “what’s the point?’ and stops. You look back to what you have done before and wonder… were they worth it?

Life is a tickling death call. With every minute passing, you step closer to the end of your life. It sounds depressing but it is the truth about life. That is why people say carpe diem, i assume, because one minute you are typing on your laptop(like me), the next you could lie on your bed and lifeless.

Just in case when you are wondering about the future, “should I do it?”. Yes. Old people always say that they regret not doing something rather than something they did do. Chances are rare and lives are short. That is perhaps one of the reasons why I opened this website.

I need to do what I love before it is too late. To express myself in poetry, to discover that dim side of my mind through specially selected words, to live before one becomes dare not.

-Potential Poet in Training


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