By Night

By Night by Pinky Lui   Forget the treads the old shepherds have walked before the dawning dew damps wild Rye tall T’is night shall be our keys to all doors locked Their mystic tunes at midnight to us call Dream of that sun-kissed field another day The lilies pure as driven snow can wait … More By Night


Incomplete by Pinky Lui   I need a drug a lethal dose a happier state a bliss a woe a broken dream a steady heart a slap a clap a piercing dart a flightless bird a push a beat a silent song a wakeful dawn a kiss a touch a dreadful thought a tightening grip … More Incomplete

A Siren’s Song

A Siren’s Song by Pinky Lui   Among all she alone could sing sweet tunes do I adore My heart her curls have fast ensnared I beg the Gods for more “Come ye, my sweet courageous men, Come ye, soon will be dawn If you could hear my songs of woe you know your time … More A Siren’s Song

what if

what if by pinky lui   you are deciding left or right a dilemma in the morning traffic you blink the indicator to the right and head for the fast lane and you almost miss the traffic light ahead at the corner of your eyes the amber light is blinking and urging and chased by … More what if


Hope by Pinky Lui   it creeps up way into our heads what an inception a willing deception   it tells what I can do to fly I only need wings I am invincible Diana with her bow of flame bull’s eye at first try   it casts light onto the shadow of my mind … More Hope