Writing Project 2015

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

-Ernest Hemingway
Ugh, the agony of writing. Don’t be deceived by my blog’s name. I also love short stories, novellas and novels very very much. I’ve always wanted to be an author. Life is too short for us to just wander around. If I can write a book, then the book can be preserved (let’s say it may be good enough to be done so) and live long and proposer ;).
So as the new year came, I had this thought: to have a writing project in 2015 and produce a novella. I am very determined to do so even though I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write. But still, i set this goal for myself and i am to see it implement.
YESTERDAY, i reached 6 pages on the iBooks Author app on my MacPro and I AM SO EXCITED. The story is still a blur and i am starting off with a protagonist named Evangeline Harrison and speaking from a third person perspective. It is not going to be a happy story and it will be about… life, in general. The key sentence of the story so far is perhaps : What if you meet your soulmate, but you are not his/hers? 
Yes, it will be about romance but I am not very sure where it’s heading. So far, I have written that… Evangeline’s parents were separated after her sister (Jenna) committed suicided. She thinks that expressing human emotions is a demonstration of weakness and that silence is the most powerful weapon ever. Some values that I share but not entirely sure if they are …. appropriate or whatever. BUT THIS IS MY STORY. so I can get to write whatever the hell I want.
I tried very hard to think of an outline for the story but it just didn’t work. Nothing came to my head and I so wanted to give up. But then after talking to one of my nerdfighter friends, she told me sth like “everyone starts off as a shitty writer. you’ll get there.”.
AND YES, I am taking this as my motto and just start to write whatever that comes to my mind. Hopefully, I can keep the pace up and actually finish this writing project within 2015. It’s not like I wanna publish a book or something but I need to accomplish some… SOLID things in 2015 after what a shitty year I have had.
I will keep on working on the novella/novel/idon’tknow and keep writing poems ( too bad i chose African literature over creative writing). For now, DFTBA (watched a lot of vlogbrothers today)!
-Potential Poet in Training

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