“15th february”

I was trying to write a sonnet
of a love that will never be
the bard has written well you see
so his lovers will be remembered eternally … More “15th february”


“metamorphosis” (化蝶)

this is a somewhat translation, or as I prefer, a feeble interpretation of Denise Ho’s song, 化蝶.

let me unearth the fertile soil
let tears nourish the phantom petals…
More “metamorphosis” (化蝶)



repent you ever dream 

More “awake”



joy was 

once upon a blossoming summer

that tender touch of sunlight soothing

the frostbites from last winter 

More “joy”



heart still in a perplexed calmness I hum to the choir dressed in white echoing off off the walls of worship and histories ornamented with stained glasses of stories calamities and miracles all in the same frame the worshippers are long gone I sat still on the front row looking up to the dome of … More “perplexed”


“to tarry”

it is serendipity that flicker of sunlight that finds your irises out of all eyes and leaves shadows on everywhere you look – that dried autumn leaf that laid waiting beneath your shoe-sole and pronounces a crunching serenade when you step on it without a thought – that mindless caress that holds all your thoughts … More “to tarry”