I could have sworn your iridescent irises were imprinted – lightning stricken veins slipping sand and tides – sculptured delicately  a diligent artist carved from the ash-like marble of my eyes shaped auspicious, austere trained to see all things beautiful, blazing natural as the sun and stars you take over my vision rightfully unwavering will fog … More “tamed”


I know I miss you when all is dark evanescing the sky, the streets, the buildings across one lights up after another and I lay awake waiting for my phone to do the same


it is the color of the sky the color of your eyes    blue is the shade of discontentment dull and dead and dark the spilled ink converting the paper’s white spreading roots deeper and farther to the corners colonization of colors midnight blue merging into pure darkness but not there yet your silhouette sliding … More “blue”


I cannot bear to carve into your skin so I put on my reddest lipstick the boldest crimson shaped to perfection the curves of the cupid’s bow to the corners slightly tilted to brand the marks of my lips on you everywhere mine  the red says as your merciful master I promise to rebrand you … More “red”

“at bay”

keep me at bay chained by the ankle to the blades of rock coal-black plates of ages gone shaped by the rising tide and raging clashes of storms furious I will witness the birth of thousands and more weening weed between the cracks of forgotten space and time rising from the deserted earth together we … More “at bay”


melancholy seethingly takes root unyielding, my spirit bound to thee scorched and frosted is my skin my ecstatic groan should be the plea I had a vision faint of a blooming lily torn on a wilderland of snow there nothing can taint yet all dies, all that I sow a vision or a dream, just … More “shiver”