“the only life”

winters are the warmest seasons fresh snow blankets the earth where the withered white lilies lie we trek for their rebirth the cold persuades with chills and deaths hold your hands for dear life entwined as one our fingers touch dead space becomes a┬áknife we march to the striving pulses our tired hearts send out … More “the only life”


it was the timelessness that caught me first the eternally expanding ripples that awaken the seas   If I dip my finger into the water just ever so gently or dare to glide over to make waves will they travel through all seas will they know where I want them to go without me knowing … More “ripples”


spasms of the heart beg the mind to focus listen to it, listen it is struggling help it calm down –   I am the thunder people hear when the storm howls rain over the earth that drowns and nurtures lives – I miss something I never had – there is nothing that will hurt … More “spasms”

“the garden”

there was a garden right behind my house a little glasshouse with no heating it belonged to no one there were pots of herbs and bags of dirt no flowers   for long I grew sage and parsley they filled the house with earthliness the palm-sized pots lined orderly on the table they all grew … More “the garden”


the anchor had been lifted the horns of the great ship blown the wind was coming to their side for the sailing hour to come by across the pier there stood many a farewell bidders some waved a hand some gave a name some stood like statues old I saw myself board on the deck … More “boarding”

“real people”

inspired by music by Hozier “We should just kiss like real people do.”   everyone has heard this story God made an earth, and then He made a man the man was lonely, and he wanted more than a friend he wanted a mate, he wanted a partner he wanted something non-existent the man did … More “real people”