the anchor had been lifted the horns of the great ship blown the wind was coming to their side for the sailing hour to come by across the pier there stood many a farewell bidders some waved a hand some gave a name some stood like statues old I saw myself board on the deck … More “boarding”

“real people”

inspired by music by Hozier “We should just kiss like real people do.”   everyone has heard this story God made an earth, and then He made a man the man was lonely, and he wanted more than a friend he wanted a mate, he wanted a partner he wanted something non-existent the man did … More “real people”


I could have sworn your iridescent irises were imprinted – lightning stricken veins slipping sand and tides – sculptured delicately  a diligent artist carved from the ash-like marble of my eyes shaped auspicious, austere trained to see all things beautiful, blazing natural as the sun and stars you take over my vision rightfully unwavering will fog … More “tamed”