“to tarry”

it is serendipity

that flicker of sunlight that finds your irises out of all eyes

and leaves shadows on everywhere you look –

that dried autumn leaf that laid waiting beneath your shoe-sole

and pronounces a crunching serenade when you step on it without a thought –

that mindless caress that holds all your thoughts vacuumed

and forces you to dwell on that unfamiliar back of a hand you just touched  –

they make you tarry

going against the pendulum of time just for that single jolt

an awakening

they make you blink and see the world anew

they make you wonder like when you were a child


we are all prisoners of the Wheel

it stops for no one

if you long to linger for that spasm of the heart

be warned

you will be pressed between the cogwheels of moments

grinded into nothing in time

there are only echoes carried by the stir of air with the Wheel ever-turning

it is no crime to tarry

the stars fall on their own course and suns burst in their own time

but do not wait for them


Every now and then between my steps

I wonder

a serendipitous sequela

if it counts as a tarry if my thoughts are no longer mine

if our trances become tangled between the cogwheels

if they hold just strong enough to withstand

what a wonder would that be


eyes forward

heads fixed

fists clenched

hearts perplexed

march on.

photo credit to Oruba on DeviantArt



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