“the only life”

winters are the warmest seasons

fresh snow blankets the earth

where the withered white lilies lie

we trek for their rebirth

the cold persuades with chills and deaths

hold your hands for dear life

entwined as one our fingers touch

dead space becomes a knife

we march to the striving pulses

our tired hearts send out

slowly we reach the glaciers’ mouth

the hollow drop sprouts doubts

so let us divorce the palms now

before the snow storm hits

we would only drag ourselves down

I can only admit

I would drown in both our places

if that helps you along

to keep your teal eyes burn with life

by ending my own song

of life I have seen plenty of

nothing remarkable

but you who think in poetry

is worth all I’m able

I seal my song with one last note

on the lips, on my soul

I stop keeping the wind waiting

and let them take me whole

the water swallows every hint

that proves I once was here

to what became my frozen limbs

they can’t have disappeared

did you cross the glacier safely

did you ever look down

did you search for another hand

remember me then frown

you were the only life I knew

a gift, a bliss, a woe

the only life I ever had

has faded with the snow




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