it was the timelessness that caught me first

the eternally expanding ripples that awaken the seas


If I dip my finger into the water just ever so gently

or dare to glide over to make waves

will they travel through all seas

will they know where I want them to go

without me knowing where exactly

because nature knows, they say


words do not come as easy as they did before

when I saw the reflecting lights and saw decay

now everywhere I lay my eyes on

I see them as they are

the potential poet has left me

for a retreat to search for something lost


she may come back when she has retrieved it


on the bridge I was crossing the islands

the world was confined to the music pouring into my head

and the real time screen of the world to my left

then I saw it

the intruder on the scene

just off coast, unilluminated by the shining scene of the city

at night it cloaked itself with bold ease

but still I saw it

dividing the sea into two

a sad parody of Moses

ripples after ripples the boat left after its course

I tried to count how many there were that survived the current

if they were enough to touch foreign lands and exotic cliffs


the bridge was crossed

almost immediately I felt hollow

I am still waiting on my own ripples to touch something

to find shores

if my thoughts are strong enough to move the seas

just maybe I can be strong enough to let go

this pebble I have been holding in my clenched fist

how far should i throw it how hard should i toss

it will be lost forever

I know


but it does not belong to me



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