“real people”

inspired by music by Hozier

“We should just kiss like real people do.”


everyone has heard this story

God made an earth, and then He made a man

the man was lonely, and he wanted more than a friend

he wanted a mate, he wanted a partner

he wanted something non-existent

the man did not need to ask

He built everything

one of them the growing idea of someone new

real, soft, and warm

so the man sincerely prayed

let me not walk alone on this earth with only beasts

give me someone beautiful

someone to treasure like gems

to tend to like the growth of Eden

to love like real people do

are you not real then, He asked

I am only one, only one to tell

if I can see myself in another pair of eyes

I will be.

so naturally God wielded His soil

and He molded a woman

she walked across the stream

feeling fresh water on her naked calves

the man and the woman saw and

walked towards each other

what did they do

the man was stunned by the sight

the woman just barely began


but the man knew what he wanted

“We should just kiss like real people do.”

how do the real people kiss

like us.


Photo Credit: “woman across river from man” by Brian Alterio, 1948





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