“my lover and I, we went away”

my lover and I, we went away

to Amsterdam for just a few days

a few notes, a lighter, and a rubber we kept

they were the relics of our ways


of love that lifts like a lead hook fixed

on a fish’s lips to get them torn

we sat by the cobbled canal curb

the water where things are buried and born


life costs much more here in the city

the drunkards dance for a shot or two

the ones who called themselves an artist

they are the ones the cruel cold got through


my lover and I, we went away

into the alleys and the hidden slips

filled with people higher than a kite

on a journey needing more than ships


we traded the notes for some paper-wrapped goods

with a secret tulipman in blue

the invigorating aroma became oxygen

for the earth-bound poets to bid soil adieu


we found a shadowed alley’s end

undisturbed by slurred Dutch words

my lover, he lit up Amsterdam

I loved the first taste, second, and the third


I took the wrapped beauty and I blew its halo out

it danced its way into the misty sky

so I took a big breath in this time

to give my lover a taste to try


we didn’t believe in gods before

why should we when all we saw had rot

that’s why we went to Amsterdam to wait

until – with a breath Dionysian dream we caught


the paper burned quickly to supply the ecstasy

we casually abused just for the kicks

of small deaths incomparable to the air

of love and violence and death all mixed


my lover and I, we went away

to Amsterdam for just a few days

we stayed there for the rest of time

for who would choose to live sober – when you can be drunk in an herbal haze?


as you can see, Amsterdam is still in my head.

photo credit to Dominic Smith NL



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