lines written in a haste 

it is scary

how we throw away our lives

when we only live every day once


there are so many poems

for him

it maddens me to know he reads them


but doesn’t understand


the veiling of the day

is the unveiling of my thoughts


I thought about time a lot

in one year

I could be anywhere

but then I remember I still need to live through today

and I remember time is not given

it is earned


have you ever stared into the light

and it is scorched onto your irises?

that’s the way your gaze burns

a serendipitous stare

now I see it everywhere


on the table there are two bottles of beer

bearing witness to our stories

I sip, letting the tip of my tongue taste the bittersweetness of the golden brew

I wonder what yours taste like


I’m afraid to die

but I’m more terrified to live


my mother married when she was twenty-six

not in a church with bouquets

just families in the city hall

sometimes I wonder if like mothers like daughters

I would find love in five years

and give it all away in two words

I do wonder

I do


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