I could have sworn

your iridescent irises were imprinted

– lightning stricken veins

slipping sand and tides –

sculptured delicately 

a diligent artist

carved from the ash-like marble

of my eyes

shaped auspicious, austere

trained to see all things beautiful, blazing

natural as the sun and stars

you take over my vision rightfully

unwavering will

fog over no man’s land

the scorched mark you see wherever you go

however hard you blink

after staring at the sun for too long

untamed fire in a tamed furnace


It was the certainty

that had me taken aback

were you there?

I caught myself drifting from thoughts

to thoughts of possibilities

when they burn forests down

to pave way for new crops

do I dig out the roots to incinerate

do I tie myself to the trees

our code

– one blink

without hesitation, fear, words –

I abide


the only time I am alone

is when I close my eyes

empty of light

and darkness

there is only the void

I am its air

if i scream it echoes

can’t jump

when you are the ground and center

do I let myself see you

or do you make me see through you

where are you now?

– if i blind myself

do you remain –


a glare for the tamed


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