it is the color of the sky

the color of your eyes 


blue is the shade of discontentment

dull and dead and dark

the spilled ink converting the paper’s white

spreading roots deeper and farther to the corners

colonization of colors

midnight blue merging into pure darkness

but not there yet

your silhouette sliding further into the lampless alley

take a left from the canal

it too shares the obscure blue that deters you

from getting closer for a touch

your hands may never be washed clean again


blue is the color of desire

invisible heat disguising as lucid roaring flame

ghost fire of an ancient forest possessed with tales

of love dying to live

transcending from materialistic attraction to beauty scorched

onto the inner eye of the soul

this blue disintegrates papers into cinders

numerous, delicate, anew

you and I, we are the remnants of ashes purified by fire

sacredly cleansed to be fused together

ashes to ashes, unto each other

a wicked whisper of the west wind

we are to kindle our own fiery tomb


blue is the paint of paradise

idyllic indigo electrifies the tired minds

conquered by the skipping of heartbeats

it was Lucifer bathed in the morning light and called himself the Sun

hearts do not break without clashing

but this blue summons a higher hymn heavenly

I lay myself down slowly

a petal returning to its faithful ground

and I rest on you

a swallow taking in the cradle of life

with its lifted veil of feathers blue

it is home

when all that your eyes catch palpitates

bold strokes of blue paint denounces the world

and celebrates only love



it is the color I see around you

and it sings to me like a robin

of every tendril of your thoughts

they are shades of blue

each places a pin on my eyelids


on you




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