“at bay”

keep me at bay

chained by the ankle to the blades of rock

coal-black plates of ages gone

shaped by the rising tide and raging clashes

of storms furious

I will witness the birth

of thousands and more weening weed

between the cracks of forgotten space and time

rising from the deserted earth

together we see the stars collide and moons eclipse

keep me here

it is safe

for I cannot walk into the midnight water

inch by inch the sea erases what lies behind me

a remorseful field of chains rusted and broken

I walk, my fingertips gliding over a wan path

leading to the coastline steadily

unmoved by the churning of hidden waves beyond sight

to you

I believe that is where you are


keep me at bay

if you remember water drowns lungs quicker

than grief for a lover lost

the pebbles between the nameless tombstones and the sea

I can count each one of them

each with a blessing to your name

there will be time when I wail

gnawing at my chains with eyes summoning tempests

my earth is dead and you are its last drop of elixir

hidden between unheeding currents


keep me at bay

because I will give more than I have

and do more than I can

to reach the shimmering sea dark blue

so teach me unfaltering love by degree ascending

tracing back my haste footsteps to that steep cliff

a mighty height I reached with just one thought

go to him 


keep me at bay

if you feel as true

as I do

keep me at bay

keep me close

keep me



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