“a couple of things”

i knock on the closed bathroom door
and i remember
you don’t live here anymore
the record player is on
still playing the same vinyl
of c’est si bon

Amazon shopping list:
card boxes, hair dye, an Emily Dickinson
I forgot to log out

“the construction is ridiculous it goes on all morning…”
“oh yes terrible”
the vinyl is all that’s in my head

weather forecast says bring a coat
i open the closet
i never knew i had so little

the cactus it’s dying
i don’t know when to water it
i never had to do it

someone presses the bell
the cardboxes arrived
I rehears it all in my head

“hey I have some of your mails
pick it up when you can
leave the key”

picked out the rogue lips today
lipliner smoothly slid
the eyelines thin and sharp

i found a pair of new sneakers the other day
went on a jog
there are seven mailboxes green and red

first customer of the bookstore
“do you have something Dickinson-like?”
“hun, nothing is Dickinson-like”

running out of panadols
but the weekly grocery trip was unnecessary
i had plenty of food left

the hair dye was messy
i threw out all curtains and sheets and pillows
and the door rug

i crossed wherever green
stumbled upon a closing store
bought a Peggy Lee

“fever with thy flaming youth”
I was swaying with my eyes closed
the box is gone


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