“an end(less) game

no one is free

from this wicked game

hearts beat as long as we breathe

and stronger

because you cannot pause like you hold your breath

the beatings are signs of aggression

our hearts deserve to win

it does not end

the game begins and dies with them

and so do we

time is only as long as we are the history

this endless game we are playing

is a one-way high road leading

an endless loop of going forward

until the hearts stop


we play the game too

the people owning the hearts

a race against each other

my sun rises when your moon hangs

the very same rocks

thousands of miles away

but here we are

waiting for the hours

we can never catch up with

the game does not stop for us

the game becomes crueler every day

when my waking hours are deprived of you

the clock does not lie


but it helps

i guess

to know we breathe the same air

see the same sea

and stand always under the same sky

although the tides are different

and the grounds we stand upon tell different stories

I am glad

that we are alive


at the same time

because God knows out of all

space and time and place

I know you

and you see me

you always tell me

don’t you think we have won already?

I would nod

say good day before I go to bed


I don’t know

but I am sure

we lose before we even begin


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