“shatter me”

you put your fist onto the mirror

cracks and reflects a thousand images

of me

too cracking on the floor

and you bleed from your white knuckles

clenching the revitalizing rage

awakened who you truly are

a man

consumed by fear and worthlessness

but love

or perhaps possessiveness

redirected your hurt towards the wall

and it happened to find the mirror

and not me

you are trying to shatter me

without touch, without feel

take me whole and leave me in pieces


along with the sharps of glass

so there will be no blood on your hands

but wounds will be the new marks

on my bruised skins


I can hurt you effortlessly

because I love you too much

don’t you dare leaving

I will renew the marks every day

as the exhibition of my dedication

of what

I wonder

Today I wear my lily white dress

silk as smooth as I was before

and the red marking will be the banner

of my new crusade

one thing you forget

or never seem to care

I am magnetic

I can come back again

on my own

I will always be whole


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