you once counted every tendrils

of my long onyx hair

downwards your caress did send thrills

way down to my back bare

“let them blow free like midnight waves

and tempt me back to shore

canst you return me to my cave

and grant me blazing roar?”

our Mother Earth was called upon

we thanked her for the bed

of rocks we let our shame be gone

until the dawn bled red

“No gold would make me ever trade

my sacred map you are

the guiding words would never fade

you’re mine, be near or far”

Each day and night you mark my hair

your property, your land

Until you even claim the air

And sands on which I stand

Then touch you won’t but strike you will

the dawn’s pale to compare

I wither like a daffodil

abused by winter air

I pluck my roots I cut my hair

I an exiling you

Over the clear loch I would stare

untouched I am and new 


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