lids down to be sober

apart for the kick

psychedelic sanity in a flick

all works done in silence

retrieve my faith, my science

the scene begins with a man

tall, tangible, commenting on Lacan


and the Lord says “apart”


and I elevate to ethereal eternal

each powerful pounding on my panickingly pacing pulse

my chest drops to a delving deep down

no parachute


I see Icarus with his melting wings

so I collect the wax and make my own

I tint them with specks of stardust

and swim through the lake of lust

my mind is invaded by a new host

hallelujah for the newly hailed

your words become my new bible

sacred, secret, sedated

the illicit illusion illustrated

in the glowing crimson on my cheek


I see a broken halo above your head

all but one color has fled

silver for the seething scene

of you baptizing my dusted wings clean

the hymns are dull and ungrateful

it lacks the rhyming of our names

as delicate as paper flowers and kindling flames


the eyes I see are shades of teal

with strikes of turquoise dark as steel

transfixed on the lightning ground

but when you raise your eyes at me

the gaze turns empty and opaque

twin chasms where nothing ever wakes

you part your lips and it slithers out

tongue like snakes and fangs stake out

yet I keep my steady gaze

and walk into a gloomy maze

where you are crowned to be king

of vines and lilies dead and blooming

your throne is a broken headstone

written in an obscure ancient language

of the seers and the gypsies

all praised with pious prayers

“hallowed by thy name”


elixir of life you offer

and I gladly drink

to be your queen in this eccentric land

with hall-less hollow grand

a kiss on the palm

a kiss on the neck

a lick on the cheek

and the sky turns red

and the smell of blood is everywhere

as you become my lungs’ very air

the leaves are cracking under our feet

as you lean down to me greet

my heaving chest and down towards

for the forbidden reward


and the Lord says “close”


and I am alone again