i cut my thumb on the new Alice Munro

it was nothing big

it stung a little

i did not even bother putting a bandage on

it would close up fast enough i thought

until i forgot about it

it brought tears to my eyes

when i tried to do a forte on the piano keys

i smeared some red on the white


i remember the bunny doll i threw out years ago

out of nowhere

an unreasonable regret washed over me

why did you throw it away

you loved that doll so much you begged your mom

it was the last one

how could you throw it away

i said sorry to myself and i repented

i could never find it back

i would remember the next time i want to throw things away


i was getting coffee earlier this week

a grande iced americano

great, anything else?

and i was struck

if there was ever a voice divine

it was his


oh yes, sorry, a red velvet for here

the seconds it took me to regain myself felt like an eternity

it bewildered me how two people who look nothing alike

have that same voice with a touch of honey

a straw-like hoarseness that was my lullaby

here you go

thank you…John, have a good day

you too




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