“to my future love”

I have not seen your face

or heard your voice

but I know you

everywhere I go

the eyes that say


and the lips that melt

the blizzard in me

and that voice is

the humming of a thunderstorm

wherever you may be

a piece of me


follows and yearns for

when we

against all odds

would touch palms and say



there may be many before me or you

but one thing I know

that is absolutely true

is we are the lake

our rivers will eventually reach

in time

and I look forward to the day

our water meets

and stays that way.


I cannot ask for endless love

because nothing lasts

against the swings of the pendulum


my love

promise me only this

and I don’t ask much

just don’t go where I can’t follow.


now you may be looking at the sun

glistening on water clear as glass

and I am thinking of you

my eyes  at the edge of the ocean dark

before we greet and fall

in love

wait for me


I’ll wait for you



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