i dream of Atlantis

that sunken land of time eternal

it falls

from grace and light

so the children never know sorrow

and lovers never taste bitterness like ash

the remnant of a ferocious fire

like the one we start between the very space

we keep between our chests


the Atlantis, it sunk

swallowed by hidden tides and memories

but it is done.


I beg you for a spring shower

so the sizzling would pause

yet you hold me closer every time

feel the flame you said

if we pour

it dies

it will drown like the Atlantis

it will pull us down

so you squeeze my arms

and make me feel

the intensity of us



the Atlantis is gone

let me take you to the Lethe

we can drown there and burn

bring the torch that never dies

and when our lungs are full of water

our heads empty of lies

the water will use its dark power

to cleanse all there is


we will forget

so I can learn to love you like the first day

i first feel the kindle

consume it will

consume like wildfire in mid-July

scorch the forest and kill the birds

but leave enough ashes

so the Lethe would soothe

and we love again



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