“as simple as this”

look at me

as plain as I am

do you see the colors

of periwinkle blue and violet red

those are my thoughts tinted

you help me see them

as simple as this


listen to me

as loud as I can be

you are the silence I hear always

in the back of my turmoils and rollercoasters

sometimes I would scream

so all the others are washed out

and you are alone in my head

as simple as this


come to me

as fast as wind blows

I will try my best to stand still

holding onto the piece of poetry I wrote you

a long long ago

but you need me to read it out

I will be my own voice

as simple as this


lean onto me

as close as skins can touch

and I will leave my mark

ink them on your bare arms

sing as you touch my heart

with your hand trembling

out of love and longing

as simple as this


believe in me

when I say you don’t understand

words as obvious as painted on the white wall

with bold red paint

announcing I AM HERE

take me as I am

as simple as this

as simple as love can be


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