“Remember the Children”

We sit in our good homes and we watch the news

of horrific attacks and people dying

torn away from their home

torn apart from their family

They could not breathe, they only bleed so much

until they stop and become another casualty

And what do we do?

A tear? A sign? A cheer?

All of them children

of different ages, from different parents

but they are the same

when you send armies into their sacred home

and suffocate them with deadly gas

they are dying

all because singularities who share the same skin

hurt you once

and you decided to cleanse the palate?

and you decided to murder

and you decided to exterminate

and you decided to be less of a man

and you decided who gets to live


That is how the world works

vengeance reigns over but

That is not humanity

you do not kill your brothers and sisters

how dare you think yourself better

than the people suffering

Of war, of rape, of inhumanity

Of what you endorse

they are our children

you are killing — murdering

our kin

you sit in a house built by slaves

and you call them lazy

they made the country less great

and you are the great

you call yourself a leader

what are you leading?

a country? a war? a lie?

I am not the victim

and I feel inadequate to even begin

to imagine the apocalypse they are living in

I am sorry

I am sorry you have to watch your children die

I am sorry the world cannot — will not help

I am sorry all I can do is never enough

To you


I am sorry you have no soul

I am sorry you know only cruelty and hate

I am sorry I am going to scream


until your voice dies

and the people are saved

Remember the children

those who hid underground and buried before their time

those who laid in their parents’ arms still and cold

those who drowned in the tide

Remember the children

who are calling for help right now

who are standing when you push them down

who are brave beyond what we are capable of

who are alive

We have done so much wrong

make it right.


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