“where the honey flows”

you’re the god to my call of help

when the drought was about to swallow me

you heard me pray 

“come and show me where the dew drips and

where the honey flows”

you, who stands so tall, kneel

for me you halted the scorching sun 

and with a peck my lips were nourished 

with honey sweeter than ever from memeory

the air continued to steam when 

yours hands were too occupied 

on me you cast a curse, a spell

I shall forever perch without you

where the honey flows

so I moved and lowered my head to be

yours to gaze down and hold 

so I forgot about the sun still burning

and I realized the world was not saved

I was not saved

I was so close, too close

I heard you said “mine” with love

i thought was for me 

and you keep pouring honey into me 

and i drown within myself

and sweet has never been so foul
I am turning away my lips

you false god

how dare you ravish my land of milk and honey

and stole from me and lied

they were yours

I am casting you away 

you nothing

you made me into thinking I was one of you

when it’s you who needs me to be whole

I am casting you away 

from where the honey flows

from me


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