“She Waits”

She spoke of a story from a land faraway
Locked in a scene of serenity sealed by day
Weep she would not for that long-died joy
of that day on the meadow with the brown-haired boy

Sun shone through the clouds of dreams
and he sang aloud with his grey eyes beamed
“would you meet me in the rain
and cast away the solemn pain?”

Her heart was full of unspoken affection
She did not know there would be complication
That after they ran down from the vale at dawn
the boy would never be been seen, he was gone

Searched they every day with hope
until they found a broken rope
down the boy went to the cliff for flowers
and there he fell to the abyss that devours

No body was found and here she waited
until the youthful spring had faded
No tears were used to mark the sorrow
for all she knew he could return tomorrow

Her locks grew longer and her eyes grew weary
The world was older and a lot more dreary
The maiden of the vale they call her now
a girl who stands in rain and keeps her vow


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