Reminiscence of an Immortal

Reminiscence of an Immortal

by Pinky Lui


He told me


everything changed in that ungodly day

when the dawn brought only darkness

and the trumpets in heaven thundered

as every winged servant of God

was stained crimson with traitors’ drops


the blades glistened

in the violet gazes of the once

heavenly brothers

as the arms swung up and down

and agonizing roars deafened all

Heaven had never been so silent before


one of many but one nonetheless

Gabriel stood still


for the band of brothers to cease

no more should be this lunacy

no more, no more


this terribly great war torn apart

the most sacred bond

He who thought himself impaired

has sworn to uphold the banner

of no more reign of terror

for equal seats for all


not even the deep roots of mountains

could withstand the newly born Sin

with his sword

buried under wings

Gabriel kneeled and sang to the Throne

the most desperate prayer


As the world continued to shake

and the sky deemed eternal dark

and the trumpets never ceased

and the blood kept tainting the ethereal

and Gabriel felt the glory

and he cried


The glory manifested

and all stayed still

the humming silence grew stronger

with a ray of light so intense

buzzing in the pungent air

none could see but only feel


no words were needed

He saw all that was lost

all begun

with a wicked thought

of disobedience vile

of desolation wide


the first rebellion

the first of many sins

it all ended

with a start

in that terrible void

of oblivion



was the last thing an angel felt

Gabriel turned his head away

but could not help

to stare askance

imagine that hollow drop


down they plunged for nine

days and nights of nothing

the great loss of heaven

grace turned to dust

paved ways for absolute

eternal victory


Eons passed

but not one day would Gabriel forget

the gore and glory

and how the world was a world no more

A world of wars

A war of worlds


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