A Siren’s Song

A Siren’s Song

by Pinky Lui


Among all she alone could sing

sweet tunes do I adore

My heart her curls have fast ensnared

I beg the Gods for more

“Come ye, my sweet courageous men,

Come ye, soon will be dawn

If you could hear my songs of woe

you know your time has gone.”

If only we can cease the wind

and hear only her voice

I see her there, her fiery hair

My heart leaves me no choice

Were I surprised to find no wings

a gift from heaven sent

We sail towards the rocky shore

Oh, do our hearts lament!

“The hour is nigh, come here anon

And save me from the dark

My love will be yours to conquer

Kiss me and leave your mark.”

If only Gods would hear my prayer

the light is seeping through

No fairer jewels would ever match

Her eyes the ocean blue

All men refuse to look below

their beauty’s straight ahead

And when my Venus sings again

her voice is full of dread

“I yield my love, my life, my soul

To have you in return

Our song has merely just begun

do hearts of lovers burn.”

My bride awaits, the storm arrives

The ship is sinking fast

“Fret not, my love,” and as I drown

I hear her hearty laugh



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