Trying to Start a Literary Magazine

If you don’t know, I am an English major in Hong Kong. I have friends who are studying English in other countries, too, so we often discuss about the things our departments have in common and our courses and whatnot. It came to me about…one month since my freshmen year started, that we DO NOT HAVE a literary magazine, or even a blog for the English majors in my university. It came as a shock to me because I knew other departments like Journalism have their own magazine, but not the English department. *sigh*

It has troubled me for quite some time because I feel like English majors in my school don’t really have a platform to share with others their work, rather they do short stories, poetry or really, anything. I started my own blog *this* and I feel the need to reach out to people because the thing about literature, to me, is that it needs to be read by others. It will not do for me to just blabber here now and then. That’s why, I am starting to reach out to my friends in the department on Facebook about joining me to start something like a literary magazine with me.

It can be a real magazine or a blog, a page, just a friendly platform for English majors in my university to share thoughts, you know. Creative writing isn’t really supported in Hong Kong and I feel like it’s a shame because it is very rewarding. There is only one creative writing course in my university and that is definitely not enough. We need more places to write and not just for class. I do know many of us write in our spare time but there is no place to show their work or a community to share with.

I have started doing researches and thank god, i have five friends already on board with this idea. I hope this goes well since there’s one more month till school starts, hopefully we would have a rough idea or even a draft. If you know anything about starting a literary magazine, please comment below and enlighten me 😉 I’ll update our progress here once in a while and hopefully, by the end of this year, there is something for you guys to read and share.


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