Update on the Writing Project 2015

In the beginning of 2015, I have made a goal to write a novella this year.

Since it’s August now (we only have five months left for 2015), I decided to do a little update on it.

With a lot of my friends’ help, I decided to switch my target from novella to short stories since I am still new to this and it was really frustrating for me to write that long.

Lately (more like 30 minutes ago), I have finished my first short story *yay*.

Its title is The Stars Were Never Crossed and I will publish it today in two parts since it’s quite long for one single post. I have two other projects undergoing (The Girl At Her Funeral and Resistance) that i will try my best to finish in these remaining months. Sometimes, writer’s block sucks.

Okay, keep working.


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