My Addiction of Lee Pace

So, yes. I think it’s time to expose my identity as a crazy fangirl. I love watching movies, tv shows, and reading books. Lee Pace is one of my favourites and I am totally obsessed with this guy lately(not that I wasn’t earlier but just more seriously now). SO, I decided to watch more of his movies in the past and the were absolutely fascinating.


The Fall (2006) directed by Tarsem Singh is a story about an encounter of an injured stuntman, Roy Walker, (Lee Pace) and a little Romanian girl,Alexandria,  in a hospital outside of Los Angeles.


As the story goes, we learn more about these two characters. Roy was new stuntman and was injured on his first job, from jumping off a bridge onto a horse. He had a girlfriend but she left him for the actor whom Roy did the stunt act for. He was devastated and was suicidal. Alexandria’s home was burned down by “angry people” and his father dead. She fell and broke her arm. As this strange pair meets, first Roy started to tell Alexandria a story about five heroes. The heroes and bad guys are all real people outside of the story, with Roy being the masked bandit, Alexandria’s father. In the end, Alexandria injured herself badly when she tries to get Roy more morphines (which he asked for once earlier). Roy was so guilty because he tricked a little girl and led to her almost fatal injury. But we see how this encounter brings Roy back and pick up the will to live again. Lee’s portrayal of Roy and the masked Bandit is breathtaking. Roy is a complicated character because he has lost so much but still, he looks good. No one knows he is suicidal but he is struggling with it. The way he interacts with Catinca(the actress who plays Alexandria) is heartwarming. The masked Bandit is also a great character who first attempt to save his twin brother, and then later has to revenge for his dead twin brother. It all changes when Alexandria enters the story to save the day, because Roy was so depressed that he kills off almost every character in the story. The power of imagination and the power of storytelling can change lives. The life of Roy Walker reflects in the story of the masked Bandit, how one can always stand up again after the fall.

Another movie that I just watched a few hours ago, is called Soldier’s Girl (2003), a TV movie directed Frank Pierson, the real life story of a transsexual woman Calpernia Addams(Lee Pace) and a soldier Barry Witchell.


The two fall in love after Barry meets Calpernia in a club where she works. Knowing she is a transsexual woman, Barry is very frustrated because he is so happy with her, but knowing that she was a man, makes him question his sexuality. But Barry comes across it and knows that he loves Calpernia despite whatever. Calpernia, on the other hand, is shocked that a straight man would actually love her for who she is and ignore the fact of her original sex by birth. But being a soldier and all, rumours start to fly, spread by Fisher, Barry’s roommate. In the end, Barry was murdered by a fellow soldier because he was a “faggot” on the fourth of July. Barry was supporsed to spend the weekend with Calpernia but to let the rumours die, he tells her he needs to study. That night is the beauty pageant that Calpernia participated and she actually wins.  Calpernia was devastated because of her lover’s tragic death. Lee Pace’s portrayal of Calpernia is breathtaking(again, i know). He is beautiful and so…feminine. By that I mean his portrayal of Calpernia’s reaction in falling in love. That’s what I would do. The ending of her knowing the death of Barry through the News is the most heartbreaking scene ever. She was so happy that she won the contest and she could not wait to tell Barry. But she never could, because he is dead.

Soldier's Girl - filmstill

I love this film so much. I have always been a supporter for LGBT rights. Now, legal gay marriages are being discussed virally. But looking back, a real life person was actually brutally murdered just because he loves a transsexual woman. Their love was as real as any couple, or even more true because they were so happy with each other. The hatred for LGBT is crazy and baffling. The way people talk to the transsexual women is so disrespectful and dehumanising.  Calpernia’s family disowned her because of her choice to become who she is. Everything that happens to this poor woman is out of hatred. Homophobia is not a thing. People are not scared, they are just arses. Everyone deserves the right to love and be loved by anyone. The fact that this is a real life story that happened in 1999,when i was four years old. Calpernia is fourty four years old now and an activist for transsexual rights and issues. The brutal murder of Witchell lets out the tragic story of Calpernia and Barry and people now know of how prejudice led to an end of a happy relationship. I don’t know if the murder did not happen, would Calpernia and Barry live happily forever and ever. And no one would ever know, because Barry is murdered. It’s more than just gender equality, people have to acknowledge that there is more than just heterosexual and homosexual people. There are so many more and people who know they are born with the wrong sex. And that’s okay. No one should judge another human being for what they feel.

Sorry for all the grammatical mistakes. But please, do watch the movie if you have time. These two movies are so underrated and they should be appreciated.

-Potential Poet in Training


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