Africa literature part 3

Recently, I have finished the third book in my course, Introduction to African Literature. The book is called The Return of the Water Spirit written by Pepetela. The book was originally written in Portuguese, for Pepetela is a Portuguese Angolan.

IMG_8212(the left one)

It is about João and his wife Carmina, members of MPLA(a rebellion team in the Angolan war for independence). The buildings in Luanda Kinaxixi start to fall down for absolutely no reason. People have been saying it is the water spirit’s work, because the water left all the buildings and cause them to fall. No one was injured when the buildings fell. But things are going worse and worse with the politicians in Angola going corrupt and the new institution of global free market in Angola. In general, it was a good book that represents Angola in the early 1980s. I presented on the book but i was working on the part of the biography of the author. Pepetela is an interesting writer who had actually participated in the rebellion and the later Angolan government. Do check out the back and learn more about Angola, an underrated country in Africa with fascinating history and tales.


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